On Harry Potter…..#keepthesecrets 67/100

dsc_0001_35I have seen the Harry Potter plays. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I took husband and children with me. We are all true believers. So when the great JK Rowling asked us (ok, not personally, but the HP community at large) to #keepthesecrets and NOT reveal anything about the plays we took that as an unbreakable edict. I won’t give anything away. But I will share thedsc_0002_32 following:


  1. It is an absolutely amazing couple of theatre.  We all loved every second of it. Funny, sad, shocking, beautifully staged. It is the kind of piece for which superlatives were made. Everything is done well.
  2. Our audience was made up of true believers. The collective love is tangible. But you do need to know the stories.
  3. It is one play in two, full length parts. They must be seen consecutively. We went on a Thursday and Friday evening, which my children liked as they said they needed the intervening hours to mull over it all. I am greedy. I wish I could have done it in a one-day matinee/evening extravaganza.
  4. The wait for tickets is quite long. I bought my tickets in the very first round, on October 29, 2015. We saw the performance on Nov 3/4, 2016. You do the maths.
  5. The next time a notice goes out that the run is being extended and tickets are going to go on sale, clear your diary for the day. Make sure you are logged on before the opening time. And wait. If you are below 10,000 in the queue don’t panic. You could be 45k or even 89k, as my eldest was when she thought she might like to go again. She didn’t get tickets. Don’t fuss over dates, just take what is offered. But think carefully as to who is deserving of going with you. The tickets will be for a year or more in advance. Something to look forward to indeed.
  6. When the big day finally arrives go with an open heart and an eager mind. And enjoy. It really is magical.
  7. And then just smile knowingly. #keepthesecrets.

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